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Pingu in The City


©2018 The Pygos Group / ©MATTEL, NHK, NEP, PPI


Pingu and his family have moved from their small village to the big city! Many other penguins live in the city, with all kinds of exciting jobs like chefs, florists, carpenters, and more! The mischievous and curious Pingu is keen to help them out, but always finds himself getting in over his head. However, with his quick wits and cheer he still manages to make everyone happy in this comedy animated series.

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  • Created by: Otmar Gutmann

  • Directed by: Naomi Iwata

  • Screenplay by: Kimiko Ueno, Shigenori Tanabe

  • Music by: Ken Arai

  • Animation Produced by: Polygon Pictures Inc.



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