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Mech Cadets


The anime adaptation of Greg Pak’s sci-fi comic Mech Cadet Yu. Fifty years in the future, Earth is under attack by a terrifying alien species. Teenager Stanford Yu works as a janitor at the Sky Corps Military Academy, but he’s only dreamed of one thing his entire life -- to pilot a Robo, giant robots from outer-space who came to our aid. When he finally gets his shot, Stanford and his classmates must put aside their differences and work together as a team in order to defend humanity against the alien threat.

Mech Cadets is now streaming on Netflix.

Stanford Yu: Brandon Soo Hoo / Shogo Batori
Olivia Park: Victoria Grace / Arisa Sakuraba
Maya Sanchez: Anairis Quinonez / Yukako Kiuchi
Frank Olivetti: Josh Sundquist / Naoya Miyase
Gen. Aiden Park: Daniel Dae Kim / Akimitsu Takase
Dolly Yu: Minga-Na Wen / Yukari Oribe
Capt. Tanaka: James Yagashi / Satoru Ito
Ava Patel: Aparna Brielle / Sae Umemura
Chief Max: Debra Wilson / Yuri Sorimachi

Developed / Written by: Aaron Lam
Supervising Director: Tohru Patrick Awa
Executive Producers: Stephen Christy, Ross Richie (BOOM! Studios),
Shuzo John Shiota, Jack Liang (Polygon Pictures)
Co-Executive Producer: Mette Norkjaer (BOOM! Studios)
Producer: Bill E. Miller (Polygon Pictures)


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