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©︎Tsutomu Nihei, KODANSHA/BLAME! Production Committee


Tsutomu Nihei's visionary debut, which has continued to inspire creators around the world.

Humanity faces purges and extermination in a dark future, and a wanderer named Killy must carry out a solitary, dangerous mission through a mammoth multi-leveled "city" that continues to expand forever in the masterpiece SF manga BLAME! (from Kodansha's Afternoon magazine).
With the executive supervision of story creator Tsutomu Nihei, BLAME! is ready to shock the world once again with an all-new story!

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Main Production Staff
Based on the manga "BLAME!" (published by KODANSHA Ltd.) by Tsutomu Nihei


  • Creative Consultant: Tsutomu Nihei

  • Director: Hiroyuki Seshita

  • Co-director/CG Supervisor: Tadahiro "Tady" Yoshihira 

  • Screenplay: Sadayuki MuraiSc

  • Production Designer: Naoya Tanaka

  • Character Designer: Yuki Moriyama

  • Director of Photography: Mitsunori Kataama

  • Background Art Director: Hiroshi Takiguchi

  • Color Designs: Hironori Noji

  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami

  • Music: Yugo Kanno

  • Main Theme: angela "Calling you"

  • Music Production: King Records

  • Animation Production: Polygon Pictures

  • Distribution: The Klockworx

  • Produced by BLAME! Production Committee






BLAME! Production Committee

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