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 AJIN : Demi - Human 


Based on the manga "Ajin" by Gamon Sakurai originally serialized in the monthly GOOD! AFTERNOON published by KODANSHA Ltd.

© Gamon Sakurai, KODANSHA/AJIN Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.


High-schooler Kei Nagai is mysteriously resurrected after being hit by a truck and killed. Thus he discovers he is the third of a new species of immortal "demi-humans" to be discovered so far in the country. The police and Demi-human Control Commission launch a massive manhunt to bring in this new specimen. Meanwhile, the second known demi-human has escaped government custody with the help of an accomplice and remains on the run. These fugitives have also begun planning a campaign of terrorism to exact their revenge on humanity. Keep your eyes out for Kei Nagai. I repeat...


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Main Animation Production Staff and Major Works

Original Manga: Gamon Sakurai (serialized in Kodansha monthly good! Afternoon)
Supervising Director: Hiroyuki Seshita 
Director: Hiroaki Ando
Series Construction/Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko
Screenplay: Kenta Ihara, Jun Kumagai
Production Designer: Naoya Tanaka
Character Designer: Yuki Moriyama
Art Director: Mitsunori Kataama
Matte Painting Supervisor: Hiroshi Takiguchi
Color Designs: Hironori Noji
Concept Designer: Ferdinando Patulli
Concept Artist: Ikumi Nakamura
Episode Director: Akio Kazumi, Ryo-timo, Keisuke Ide
CG Supervisor: Takeshi Iwata, Yuki Mizoguchi, Susumu Sugai
Animation Director: Yasuhiro Motoda
Storyboard: Hiroyuki Morita, Hiroyuki Fukushima 
Editors:Jun Watanabe, Toshimi Tabe, Yukari Toneya
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami 
Music: Yugo Kanno 
Animation Production: POLYGON PICTURES
Distribution: Toho Visual Entertainment
Production: AJIN Production Committee




AJIN Production Committee

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