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Apart from complete 3D Production work, we also take up independent Rigging work. 
Rigging is a big part of the process in bringing a character or scene to life. It's a mix of the Technical and Artistic sides of the pipeline and we take pride in providing top notch rigging services that allow your animators to concentrate on what's important, that is, bringing your vision to life.
Our talented team is multifaceted with skills and experience in multiple disciplines and genres ranging from film, commercials and games.
We provide rigs for a variety of requirements:
  • Having worked with on AAA games, we’re well prepared for the limitations and requirements of game engines
  • Rigs ranging from props, vehicles, sets and characters
  • Joint based setups for games
  • Clothing and accessory setups
  • Layered deformations
  • Expressive Facial rigs
We provide support for the rigs:
  • Iteratively updating the rigs to match your needs
  • Creating shot specific requirements

Our rigs are intuitive and fast which make the animators life easy.
We realize the importance of creating clean, accurate and pleasing deformations.
Facial rigs:
Our facial rigs are expressive and easy to use.
Additional setup:
We’re able to set up any accessories or clothing you may have in your rig.
Tool development:
We're also capable tool developers and have the ability to provide you with custom made tools that you may need for your production.
Contact us for more details:
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